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Sparta Racing | Sparta Racing Facilities

Having been offered the opportunity to train at Cranbourne Training Complex we would like to present our fabulous new facilities and the amazing training centre we have access to.

Previously we have always stayed at Cranbourne as visiting trainers from New Zealand. Having had this prior experience training at Cranbourne has given us an advantage as we relocate, already knowing the facilities well to gain the best results from each individual horse.

The Cranbourne Training Complex is the largest training facility in the Southern Hemisphere. It is a standalone purpose-built training facility. With access to a variety of tracks, trial tracks, hill tracks and a well-designed swimming pool, the complex has so much to offer to keep horses happy and enjoying variety in their work.

The Sparta Racing stable is a new barn that houses 40 horses in large spacious boxes, with windows at both the front and back of each stable. The Barn is complemented with a large walker and treadmill.

Set back from the main complex we are in a quiet area away from the hustle and bustle if the main track and have the advantage of either trucking to the tie ups or giving certain horses a very nice walk to the track.

We love providing our horses with variety and Cranbourne training complex is perfect for that.